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How Yachtcommissioning performs Yacht Deliveries

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Keeping your budget under control

Our "fix price" approach makes the difference.

Having a yacht delivered has an impact on your spending budget. We will keep that budget in control also ensuring your "baby" is in good hands

You will find on the internet many delivery companies and delivery skippers. But it is all more of the same.

The difference with is that we not only perform a delivery but we do also training and we support our customers during their purchase and commissioning of their new investment. Most of our contracts are "all inclusive" contracts. What our customers most appreciate is the open and honest communication we have with them. We are also one of the unique organizations who can do a delivery with an "all women crew" taking care of your yacht according the highest standards.

Most often, our customers are new boat owners or are upgrading to a larger ship, changing from mono-hull to multi-hull or switch between motor/sail. Because we support our customers during their "new adventure" process, we have a good understanding about their expectations and total budget.

This customer relationship allows us to make a "full service" quotation which other delivery companies will never do. Most delivery companies will send on top of their delivery cost an extra invoice for travel and extra expenditures which can be up to many 1000' s of extra €´s. Costs which are difficult to budget by the owner.

The only eventual extra budget for the customer is pure at the sole discretion of the owner: If the owner is happy with the delivery, the skipper will advocate for a small bonus for the crew members. Not the skipper.

All deliveries are influenced by weather, travel costs and status of the yacht. Based on the inquiry from the customer, we will assess the type of yacht, the passage to make and all the input the customer is giving us. Based on that information we will make a budget quotation, including all expenses. Most customers like our "All inclusive Approach" which makes it clear to our customer what the "total delivery cost" will be. Inclusive all costs: delivery, travel, food, crew, marina fees, fuel etc. We can only do this because we have an excellent knowledge about the sailing areas and the costs involved. Resulting in a financial no-risk business with our clients. We have a small pool of delivery skippers with whom we work together in a close collaboration. They work according the highest standards, they have all necessary maritime qualifications and tons of experience. Every delivery is insured by a skipper third liability insurance.

During a delivery, our skipper stays in permanent contact with the owner through our Iridium satellite communication systems we provide. We provide also a visual on-line tracking follow-up through our customer log in tracking web page.

Check-out the video below made by one our Australian customers. We delivered their new Catamaran "Let´s Dance", a Fountaine Pajot 45, from the factory in La Rochelle to Fethiye in Turkey. A 3000 Nm trip during the winter season (November-December)

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