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My name is Veronica Claus and welcome to our interesting story. 

Many years of activity in the yachting world, including boat building, consulting, training and many nautical miles resulted in a big respect from the yachting community.

Based on customer references and customers' demands, we have put a unique concept in the yachting world, dealing with the entire commissioning process for new boats: from quality checks to commissioning, training and delivery.
Managing the entire process.

It is our respons to comply with the increasing demand by customers to provide excellence in a yachting world where boats and equipment become more and more complex and high-tech.

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Our Story

Our story started many years ago when Veronique was born into a family of navigators. Merchant fleet engineers and captains, ships building engineers, offshore support business etc.
The sea and the salty environment was already present in her DNA.

She started sailing at the age of 14 and her father built her first racing dinghy: a Fireball
Surrounded by all this male seaman’s testosterone and technical discussions, Veronica became a master’s in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in a time where very few women became engineers.

But the sea and the salty environment just kept calling and after an international career in the industry, mainly as an independent consultant and project manager, she decided to become a professional in the boating and yachting industry.
During her career, Veronica was specialized in setting up quality systems and process improvement projects. A background and experience which serves her now to her advantage in the yachting world.


She became a Yachtmaster and even a Yachtmaster Instructor, teaching the sailing community to become a safe, confident sailor and navigator.
Over the last decade, Veronique sailed over 25.000 Nm. From Norway to Cabo Verde, from the Azores to Turkey. She is even a “Cape Horn” girl. The Mount Everest among sailors.

Because of her experience and happy customers, more and more demands came for private tuition and support to new boat owners.
More and more customers were asking not only training but also to deliver the boat to its’ next destination.

Very quickly afterwards, our customers wanted our support during the hand over and commissioning of the boat.
About 3 years ago, we did our first full commissioning project where the customer had ordered his new catamaran ex-factory and all upgrades and testing was contracted to us.


Over the last couple of years we have seen there is a need of professionals who can help and defend the dealer and the customer during the purchase of new boats.
We often play the role as a filter between customers' demands and what is really possible, saving time and money for all parties.

Boat yards are not always an example of delivering a high quality product. New boats quite often have (hidden) defects and anomalies resulting in financial losses for dealers and customers, not to forget the frustrations.

During our projects, we have surrounded us with carefully selected professionals and now we can state to be ready to take complete projects from Dealers and Boat Owners.

Our expertise

Our expertise in the technical field of manufacturing, installation and quality systems, combined with our technical expertise of boat equipment and long-term sailing experience is the main asset of our business.


Where do we operate?

We cover the EU market with focus on Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
Our main activities are close to the yacht manufacturers with a high concentration in France.

Our Mission: It is all about quality.

Our mission is to support and advise boat dealers and buyers during the entire purchase process and to implement strict quality checks, to reduce the risk of warranty claims and frustrations during the warranty period.
Achieving this mission is by selecting the appropriate teams and contractors, to train and work on continuous improvements, keeping us up to date with the latest developments.


Our Vision:

Due to the increasing complexity of systems on boats and yachts, dealers and customers will need support from specialists like us, to guarantee customer satisfaction and safe boating.
Our ambition is to become the market leader in Europe as a contractor for Yacht Commissioning projects.


Do you think you can bring added value to our team?
Let's connect.

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