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Our Solutions for Yacht Dealers

Our Integrated Commissioning and Support Process for Yacht Dealers

A One-Stop Solution

Once a new yacht is finished in the factory, many different contractors come into the picture. 
From transport and riggers, applying anti-fouling to cleaning, boat checks, sea trials etc.
And when upgrades and safety equipment needs to be installed, again more people and service yards are involved.

Because this process is quite complex to manage, some very big dealers have their own local commissioning manager to coordinate this.

We offer, not only this same coordination service to all dealers but on top of that give more performant quality checks during the factory acceptance procedure, reducing the number of warranty claims afterwards and unforeseen costs for the dealer.

Boat Shows

Most of our projects include transport by truck or for bigger yachts and catamarans, delivery on own keel.

For yachts transported by road we can, after the factory check, do the commissioning with our partners in 3 locations: La Rochelle for the Atlantic Coast or La Grande Motte in France and Rome in Italy for customers who prefer their yacht to be delivered in the Mediterranean area.

For Overseas Dealers who want transport by cargo ship, we perform the factory check and follow-up on the corrections and  manage the overseas transport (Delivery to Cargo and Loading)

Multilingual Team

Our multilingual team communicates with the clients and suppliers in their own language which is a main asset for delivering quality.
Next to English we can communicate in German, French, Italian, Dutch and Danish.

Service Hub in Portugal

Our Service Hub in Portugal offers a specific dealer cooperation for boats under warranty  passing on the Atlantic or to the Med to service, trouble shoot and support the New Owners.

Coordination of the Commissioning Process

Based on the order of the client we will coordinate and execute the entire commissioning process.
From initial quality checks when the boat is produced to transport, detail finishing, mast stepping, launching, cleaning etc.


We manage the entire process until the new boat is fully checked and ready for handover to the new client.

Due to our neutral and independent position, we can also mediate in case of conflicts or discussions between yard and dealer.


The Commissioning Process

We fully document the commissioning process and the planning. Managing all day to day elements or constraints in the process.
In case there are quality remarks when or before the boat leaves the factory, we will inform the dealer asap so he can put a request for correction asap to the factory. Protecting the interest of the dealer.
For specific boat constructions, a specialist surveyor will follow up the building process and the construction of the structural elements of the vessels.


Ex-Factory Upgrades

Because of our flexibility and our market knowledge, we can offer many upgrades and options which are not part of the factory option list.

For the upgrades, we will discuss with the dealer and if possible also with the owner about the use of his new boat. Based on that information, we will propose the best technology which suits bests his needs and budget.
Our approach gives the dealer the opportunity to sell more options and equipment than listed on the option list of the yard.
We can inform the client upfront about the price difference between the option equipped in the factory or the same or similar option as an ex-factory installation.

All ex-factory upgrades are engineered, documented and checked by our own team.


After the Commissioning Process

With our full service package, we can give training to the new boat owner how to make best use of his ship and equipment.
Of course also coaching and training regarding harbor manoeuvres, communication and proper skippering techniques.
We are RYA trained Instructors.

Quite often, new owners like the extra support and training but also demands a delivery skipper or a complete crew to bring his  his new boat to the next port of call.


Our Service Hub in Portugal

All yachts going South towards the Med or to cross the Atlantic pass along the Portuguese Coast.
Our Service Hub in Portugal serves as a single point of communication for new boat owners and captains regarding maintenance, warranty issues, corrections, fine tuning of equipment, repairs, supply, berth reservation and even a shopping service.
Contact us for more information.


Profit and Benefits for the Dealer

Your main benefit lies in the fact we can offer all dealers the same service as big volume dealers can with their own local staf.
And with a quality above the general standards in the yachting industry.

As an independent and neutral party, we are able to mediate between dealer and yard in case of a conflict or dispute situation.

On top, we offer our integrated approach from commissioning, implementation of upgrades to training and delivery.
You can sell more products and services to the clients

Due to our detailed quality checks and planning during the commissioning process, early stage corrections by the yard can be implemented resulting in less warranty claims and a higher customer satisfaction. Saving you money.

Our Multilingual Team allows you to communicate with us in your own language reducing misunderstandings and improving quality.

Our Owner Service Hub in Portugal can filter warranty issues, manage repairs, maintenance, fine tuning for the new owner or captain.

Our Core Competences

Quality Management and Yachting Expertise

Our core competencies lies in the management and coordination of yacht commissioning projects according a well defined quality standard.
Based on our long term experience in the industry and the yachting world.

For our projects, we work together with well selected contractors and suppliers who work according our quality standards.

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