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Our Solutions for New Yacht Owners

Start your Sailing Journey with Confidence

The moment you sign a contract to buy a new boat is always joyful. Just like buying a car.
You wait until your new baby is ready, you pick it up and drive away. Happy!


Unfortunately, picking up a new boat is not straight forward.

Almost all new boat owners come to the same conclusions:
- More unexpected costs and spending.

- Quite some boat problems and equipment failures.

- Little support from the dealer or factory.

- Warranty claims or Complaints remain unsolved.

In order to avoid those frustrations and technical issues, we are here to detect and correct them before you take ownership.


Our services are there to support the owner from the start of his boating project until the final hand-over and beyond: 
We can also give him own boat tuition and even deliver the boat to his next destination.


Ending 2023 we will launch an extra and brand new owners' support concept
"The Base Manager"

A full support package for the distance sailor
- Tech support

- Parts delivery

- Checked and Approved Service Yards

- Maintenance support

- Legal support

- Warranty claims

- Flag Registration

- Language Support

Different packages will be offered for a fixed monthly fee.

The pre- and sales process

When you have the intention to buy a yacht, you will go to a dealer, visit boat shows etc.
A boat purchase is quite often an emotional purchase. And it is not to be compared with for instance a car purchase.

We support and advice our client in the choice of their new dream based on their budget, available free time, the purpose and intentions what to do with the boat, their age, boating skills etc.

As we are all professional sailors, we are in the best position to give you an insight of the boating lifestyle, the costs maintaining a yacht etc.

We support you during the decision making process for you to be sure you have made the right choices.


Commissioning Process

This is the most important part in the handover process between the dealer or yard and the new owner.

Unfortunately, dealers like to handover your new boat asap: some bubbles, some flowers, a nice present, a quick sea trial and than you need to sign off the acceptance form.
Once you have signed-off that form, the boat is legally yours and all complaints afterwards will be treated as a warranty claim.

It is there where the problem starts: boating and warranty is always a big discussion.

We deliver owner support during this commissioning process as the standard quality checks during and after boat production is often below industry standards.
Our extensive checks on all technical and cosmetic parts of the boat including testing of all equipment (electric, mechanical, navigation etc) is there to detect failures and potential failures at the moment of the handover process. 
Those corrections will need to be implemented before we can advice our client to sign-off the acceptance form.

Our support will result in few warranty claims, if any.


Handover Process and Sea Trials

As we provide you with all necessary feedback and reports before the formal handover, you will have all the elements to discuss eventual failures which need to be corrected.
Those elements must be part of the sign-off form indicating that they need to be corrected by the yard or dealer before the official warranty procedure comes into force.
Unless we have received aan official mandate from the owner, our service is a consulting service and the decision making remains in the hands of the owner 


Boat Upgrades

When you order a new yacht, a long list of options are there to tick the boxes. When we support the client during the purchase process, we can advice which options to take from the factory and the number of options to install after acceptance of the boat.
We will make quotations for the installation and delivery of those extras. The client can always decide to manage the upgrade work himself or for our team to manage the upgrade project.
We do the extra installations according high industry standards, including all technical documentation, schemes and drawings.
Something boat service yards never do.



Most boat owners hire a trainer for a couple of days to explain the boat, to give the new owner confidence and skills for docking, anchoring and sail settings.

Be aware that a skipper is not necessary a Yacht trainer. 
Our team has Yachtmaster Instructors and are happy to teach you to gain confidence.

Own boat training is normally around 3 days but this is just a guide line.


Delivery Service

Quite often new owners prefer to have for some time a professional skipper on board. Or even have the boat delivered to their next port of call, certainly during the winter period when the sea conditions can be quite harsh.

For boat owners who do not live in the Schengen area, their 90 days which prohibits them to  be in the Schengen area, can be used to deliver their boat to the next departure destination.


Your Profit and Benifits

Your main benefit will be our support during the commission process avoiding major problems once you left with the boat.

But also our support during the purchase process can save you a lot of money.

We can give advice on upgrades, what is nice to have and what is necessary. And much more: from flag registration, paperwork, VAT legislation, Cost of Ownership, maintenance etc 
Ex-factory upgrades can be realized for a much lower cost compared to the option list from the yard.

Bottom line: you will save more money than the cost you will be spending for our services and you will have a more relaxed boating experience knowing there is somebody to support you.

Our Core Competences

Quality Management and Yachting Expertise

Our core competencies lies in the management and coordination of yacht commissioning projects according a well defined quality standard.
Based on our long term experience in the industry and the yachting world.

For our projects, we work together with well selected contractors and suppliers who work according our quality standards.

We welcome your email request

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