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Our Solutions for Yacht Charter Companies

Maximum usability and yield of your new charter yachts

Charter Clients often choose a brand new boat when ordering their sailing holidays.
Because those customers are convinced a new boat is free of troubles.

As a charter company, you know that new boats often have hidden failures and a warranty call is in most cases a very difficult and long process.

Our added value is to avoid warranty claims and defects which may result in charter customers dissatisfaction, base interventions and non-availability of the charter boat.

Our added value is to save you money

Quality Checks Before Official Hand Over of the yacht

Quite often, the dealer outsources the basic checks in the factory or even after the boat has been launched.

Based on our experience, this inventory and quality checks are too limited to avoid minor and even sometimes major defects.
Our quality process goes very much in depth and all our findings are fully documented.


Survey and re-check of the corrections performed by the dealer

We recheck and document our findings once corrections are implemented.
We also suggest to the charter company that we do a performance and a full equipment test at sea, during the commissioning process and before the hand over to the charter company takes place.


Full Commissioning when Ship is ordered ex-works

When you order the new yacht ex-works, we perform the full commissioning process. From factory check to transport, mast stepping, anti-fouling and epoxy treatment, boat finishing, installation of safety equipment and ex factory equipment etc.
We have 4 locations to perform a full commission: France Atlantic and Med, Holland, Denmark and Portugal (for upgrades)
This one stop shop will reduce your commissioning cost, reduces miscommunication and will result in an increased overall boat quality.


Boat Delivery by Sea or Truck

Depending on the type, size and location, we can supply your new charter yacht to your charter base.
Our delivery skippers and crew work as teams.
For many years now, we have been delivering yachts for a fixed price, including all extra costs for food, cleaning, travel, marina fees and fuel.
In case we organise transport by road, the yacht will be fully protected and the entire delivery process will be managed by us.


Your Profit and Benefits

Your boat purchase process will run smoother so you can focus more on your core business. You are able to assign less resources to the purchasing and coordination process of a new yacht.
Because of our extensive checks, corrections and follow-up, the risk of major break down or failures of new yachts will be reduced to a minimum resulting in less operational costs, a higher usability and yield of the boat and a higher charter customer satisfaction.

Our Core Competences

Quality Management and Yachting Expertise

Our core competencies lies in the management and coordination of yacht commissioning projects according a well defined quality standard.
Based on our long term experience in the industry and the yachting world.

For our projects, we work together with well selected contractors and suppliers who work according our quality standards.

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