Frequently asked questions

New Boat Purchase

I will buy a New Yacht from a Dealer or Manufacturer. What is your Added Value?

When you buy a New Yacht, you will have to deal with sales people. And they try to sell you the maximum. Not only the yacht but also a lot of extra´s.
Based on your Yacht Owner Profile, we will advise/help you to determine which size, necessary equipment and "nice to have" stuff to choose from.
Also some equipment is very overpriced when you buy it from you sales agent or dealer.
With our many years of experience in the Yachting world, we are able to support you during this process and bottom line, to safe you much more money than the cost of our service.

Do you also organize Yacht Transport via Road or Cargo Vessel?

Yes, we do.
For Cargo Transport, we will request quotes for the transport and based on the timing of the transport, we will commission and deliver the yacht to the Seaport where the yacht is lifted on deck of the cargo ship. For Truck transport, we will advise the best way to proceed, ask for quotations, commission and deliver the yacht. Often it is a combination of truck and sailing on own keel.
When the delivery is within the European Union, we can also offer new owner training on own ship.

What to expect when you first contact Yacht

Contacting Yacht Commissioning means you are in the process or considering of buying a new or used yacht: Sailingyacht, Catamaran or Motoryacht. Quite often you already have some or even a good idea what you are looking for and the budget you want to spend.

Just like a house or a car, at a certain moment you see what you like and you go for it. Buying a yacht is often very emotionally related. Even more than a car or a house.
You are not only fancy about the boat, you are also dreaming of lifting your anchor a spent some nice moments on board of your yacht. As a yacht is a very complex piece of machinery, much more complex than a house, we are not only there to advise/help you to make the most appropriate choice based on your expectations and budget but also based on your experience, your sailing area and what you can spend on a yearly basis for maintenance, marine fees, upgrades, insurance, registration etc. So it is normal that we will start by asking you a lot of questions. The first questions are through email. The next step we connect through an online meeting so we can have a face to face chat in order to know each other a bit better.
We will also bring you in contact with our satisfied customers so you can convince yourself if we are the right partner for you. This first step is free of charge. We will not charge you for anything, until you get a quote from and until we have come to an agreement.
In most cases, we will take it step by step. Proving to you as a customer we are the right choice for the next step.