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Calm Sea


Your Passage and Back Office Support

For Owners of Pleasure Vessels on the GO

Sailing in Europe and the UK


For anybody worldwide who plans to sail in - to - from Europe and the UK

Our service is valid for any distance which exceeds 100 Nm from the vessels’ Home Port.

For boating people offered by boating people

Starting at

60 €/month

Based on a yearly payment

Your Benefits and Solutions

Tech - Support

All technical questions and problems with engines, power supply, gear, rigging to solve.
We supply critical technical parts in case of emergency 

Weather and Routing Support

Personal support when in doubt or questions about your passage plan and weather forecast.

Purchase Support

You like to upgrade your equipment? As we commission new yachts and cats, we all know the best purchase sources and which solution will work best for you. 

Crew and Skipper Delivery

Not confident to make a certain passage or in need of an extra hand? You need an urgent support?
We deliver a qualified local skipper and/or crew.

Training and Coaching

You like to gain experience about navigation or boat handling in tidal water or harbor manoeuvres ? We deliver an instructor for a couple of days to build up your confidence. 

Mental Support

You just had a rough passage or some family or crew conflict? Talk to us. We are good listeners

Yacht Delivery

Our highly experienced delivery skippers and crew will bring your precious yacht anywhere in the world.
Also transport by truck or Cargo

Local Support

Reservation for a spot in a marina or advise where to keep the yacht during the winter? Advise for the best place to shelter for bad weather. 

Emergency Support

When, due to specific circumstances, you need to leave to boat quickly, we take care of your yacht.
Delivery - Putting on the Hard - Sailing to you next port of call. We'll solve your boating problem.

Holiday Service

You pick-up the boat where you want and you leave the yacht where you want. We bring the yacht back home or to your next port of call.

Any Question!

What is most important. Just contact us with ANY question or support you wish.

We will try to help you in the best possible way.

Contact Form Base Manager

Mail us NOW for all the details

Thanks for submitting!

Typical questions or problems we solve for you and help you with

Lithium Battery

Electric Power Problems

Teammembers are trained by Mastervolt and Victron to support clients with complex configurations

Language barrier.jpeg

We have a local dispute but we do not speak the language

Our Multi-Lingual team can mediate to solve the dispute


We damaged our sail. 
Where is the next port of call with a sailmaker?

We have a huge database with contacts for quick repairs.


Atlantic Crossing Crew Support

We deliver crew and skipper to support the owner during the Ocean passage
Members get 10% discount


We are looking for a good marina for the winter

Our team knows every marina along the Atlantic and Mediterranean Coast


We had maintenance done by a local supplier. But the invoice is unclear and high

We know the correct prices most equipment and maintenance jobs 


Weather Routing

We advise and support skippers with weather interpretation and passage planning

Eucalyptus Helia 44.jpg

We would like to have a skipper joining us for crossing Biscay

We deliver a local skipper who is compliant with our legal and quality standards. 


We have an engine problem and we can not find the cause

Our team has diesel and outboard specialists and technical trainers.

  • What to expect when you first contact Yacht
    Contacting Yacht Commissioning means you are in the process or considering of buying a new or used yacht: Sailing yacht, Catamaran or Motor yacht. Quite often you already have some or even a good idea what you are looking for and the budget you want to spend. Just like a house or a car, at a certain moment you see what you like and you go for it. Buying a yacht is often very emotionally related. Even more than a car or a house. You are not only fancy about the boat, you are also dreaming of lifting your anchor and spent some nice moments on board of your yacht. As a yacht is a very complex piece of machinery, much more complex than a house, we are not only there to advise/help you to make the most appropriate choice based on your expectations and budget but also based on your experience, your sailing area and what you can spend on a yearly basis for maintenance, marine fees, upgrades, insurance, registration etc. So it is normal that we will start by asking you a lot of questions. The first questions are through email. The next step we connect through an online meeting so we can have a face to face chat in order to know each other a bit better. We will also bring you in contact with our satisfied customers so you can convince yourself if we are the right partner for you. This first step is free of charge. We will not charge you for anything, until you get a quote from and until we have come to an agreement. In most cases, we will take it step by step. Proving to you as a customer we are the right choice for the next step.
  • I will buy a New Yacht from a Dealer or Manufacturer. What is your Added Value?
    When you buy a New Yacht, you will have to deal with sales people. And they try to sell you the maximum. Not only the yacht but also a lot of extra´s. Based on your Yacht Owner Profile, we will advise/help you to determine which size, necessary equipment and "nice to have" stuff to choose from. Also some equipment is very overpriced when you buy it from your sales agent or dealer. With our many years of experience in the Yachting world, we are able to support you during this process and bottom line, to safe you much more money than the cost of our service.
  • Do you also organize Yacht Transport via Road or Cargo Vessel?
    Yes, we do. For Cargo Transport, we will request quotes for the transport and based on the timing of the transport, we will commission and deliver the yacht to the Seaport where the yacht is lifted on deck of the cargo ship. For Truck transport, we will advise the best way to proceed, ask for quotations, commission and deliver the yacht. Often it is a combination of truck and sailing on own keel. When the delivery is within the European Union, we can also offer new owner training on own ship.
  • How Does it Work?
    Base Manager is a service to support Boat and Yacht owners during their Journeys when sailing abroad. The service is available for anybody sailing along the European Coast and the Coast of the United Kingdom. For the moment, we cover the following countries: - Germany - Denmark - The Netherlands - Belgium - United Kingdom - France - Spain - Gibraltar - Portugal - Italy - Malta In a later stage, we will cover Montenegro, Croatia, Greece and Turkey. We serve all clients worldwide. It is based on a yearly contribution which allows us to have our international team members to stand by, to support you with your questions, technical questions and problem solving, navigation aid, weather support, local knowledge and support. It also allows us to have local skippers and crew stand buy for short time delivery, training or emergency call. The cost of the yearly contribution is dependent on the size and type of yacht or boat. Mail us with your boat and personal details and we will come back to you asap:
  • What information do you need to make a quotation
    Your yearly contribution is dependent of the size and type of the vessel. We also like to know about your general plans. For example: You want to hop along the French Coast towards the Med, but you like to have a skipper on board for the Biscay Passage. In that case, we can already include this in the offer to you. We have a price list for on-site support like crew and skippers. When you plan in advance, you receive 10% discount on the skipper support. To make a quotation, we also need general boat details and a few pictures as-is. In case you will have a new boat delivered, you can provide us with the options details. Once you accept our offer, we will send you a document to complete: this will be your personal boat passport This Boat Passport allows us to give you the maximum support and details. When you are planning a longer voyage, one of our team members can always meet you on the boat to give it a full check and advise about the equipment and organisation of your boat.
  • How Much does it Cost and what is Included
    The yearly price setting is dependent on the size and type of boat or yacht. A more complex yacht can have more technical and more complex problems to solve. So we need to assign team members to this client with more skills and expertise. And those people are more expensive. Yearly Contribution: The monthly prices start at 60 €/month for a mono-hull with standard options. This up to a size of 37 feet or 12 meters. The monthly fee is invoiced on a yearly basis. This yearly contribution covers all telephone, zoom-meeting and email support. We call this the off-site support or Help Desk Your yearly contribution includes also the following: - Access to our webinars where we talk about specific topics regarding places to visit, legal stuff and paperwork, nice to have equipment. But also specific navigation and safety topics. And all topics our members would like to have more information about. - A monthly newsletter - Alert emails regarding storm warning, Orca attacks, local strikes etc. - Discounts in specific marinas - Discounts in a selection of chandleries and shops. Each member will have his/her own dedicated account manager as your first point of contact. The Boat Passport Once we come to an agreement, you will receive a document to complete, indicating all the details of the boat: full option list, type and serial numbers of all your equipment including all your engine details. This will become your individual Boat-Passport in our system. This allows us to give you the best support possible in case of questions or problems. We will support you by zoom-meeting to complete the list. This is a one-time start-up cost of 95 €. On-Site Support The onsite-support is performed by our local team members and our certified skippers. All our team members and skippers have been thoroughly screened and trained. We have a price list for on-site support which is in line with market pricing. In case you already have the plan to hire a skipper for a certain passage, we can take this request in our planning and you will get 10% discount on the regular prices. The advantage of having local team members is that we can give support on short notice and with reduced travel costs.
  • What do you understand by Tech Support
    When underway, you may face technical issues like an engine problem or failure, a damaged sail, an electronic chart not working, a defective pump, an unidentified water leak etc. But not only your basic boat equipment. More and more yachts are equipped with a generator, a watermaker, inverters and solar panels and complex wiring, data and communication systems. An exclamation often heard by sailors: if it can break, one day it will break. Trying to find a solution underway is not always straight forward. Boat yards are specialized in general maintenance and small repairs. They do not have the technical expertise in all area's. How Does the BASE MANAGER system Works Collecting Boat Information - Once you register as a member, you will receive a check-list about the information we need from you for us to set-up your boat data. Once your data is on our servers, we will give you some recommendations about your boat equipment. - We'll check your boat information with our database of brands and types. If necessary, we contact the yard for more information. Support - You are underway and you call for our support. - Based on the info you give us, we will talk you through an assessment procedure to define the source of the problem. - Based on the outcome the following can occur: - we will contact a local supplier who can solve your problem - we ship the parts you need and we talk you through the procedure how to install. - we are able to solve your problem during our assessment call Example 1: Engine Failure When underway you have difficulties starting the diesel engine. After our assessments and extra checks, we come to the conclusion that your starter engine is defect and needs to be replaced. Starter engines are normally not on stock and sometimes there are long lead times. Boats under warranty will never give a warranty on engines. It is the manufacturer who needs to provide that service. - Based on your info on our file, we source the starter engine from several suppliers in our database. As yacht diesel engines are derived from car engines, the starter engines are never produced just for yachts. If we can not find the part somewhere on stock, we will contact suppliers who refurbish starter engines which is a very common practice. At a cost which is sometimes 10 times cheaper than from dealers in the yachting world. - We ship the part to your location or marina office. - We talk you through the process how to replace a starter engine. In case you do not have the right tools, we'll ship it together with your starting engine or we give you an address where to buy and what tool to buy. - In case you found a technician who can install it for you, we will ship the part to the technician. Of course, we will quote you first about the cost for the part and shipment but our support service is included in your membership Example 2: Major Electric Failure We had a client with a very complex electric system on board. An Integrel Engine Generator was installed together with solar panels and double Victron charger/inverter system and a lot of Lithium batteries. It was some high tech installation on his new catamaran. At some moment, the owner/skipper comes on board and all electric systems are dead. A check on the shore power and all ok but impossible to restart the inverter and the entire power supply to his ship. The day before he had done some tests and he depleted his batteries to the minimum to check the performance of the entire installation. The owner calls the company who installed the equipment. After one day of search, no solution. He calls us and we solved the problem in less than 5 minutes! How come? The solution was quite simple: the control units of the entire system need to have a minimum tension from the batteries to start-up. As the minimum tension which was set-up in the software was reached, the control units prevented a start-up. Unplugging a data cable from the remote control unit solved the problem. As a finite solution, we advised the owner to supply the control unit from a different battery bank to avoid the problem in the future. How do we proceed in your specific case? - Based on your information file, we have the specifications and we know most systems which are installed on yachts. Most common is Victron and Mastervolt. - In case some information is missing we will assess with you the situation and talk you through the different steps and eventually advise you what to change in your installation to avoid the problem in the future. - In case we do not have a solution, we will contact the manufacturer directly as we are trained by Victron and Mastervolt and can use a hotline with the tech people from the manufacturer.
  • What do you understand by Purchase Support
    You want to upgrade or change your equipment and you are asking for our input what and where to buy
  • What is included in the Initial Account Setup Cost
    When you register as a member, you will receive from us a checklist of all information we need from you to have a good understanding about your boat, equipment and paperwork. This information includes a list of all equipment and serial numbers for us to support you in case your have an inquiry On top of that, some general pictures of the boat. Based on the received information, we will make a first assessment and advise you what can be improved for a worry free and safe passage. It is better to prevent problems than the need to solve them.
  • What do you mean by general support
    General Support can be anything you think off and we will answer you if we can ad some value. A lot of general support information will be published in the members area on the website. For Example - List of mandatory safety equipment and special regulations per country - Paperwork which can make your life easy when you have checks by local customs and police. -
  • What is included in the weather and passage support
    We have advanced weather routing software which is based on several models. We are sailors who have sailed in the most difficult conditions, even passing Cape Horn. But always in control and safe. Weather is always THE KEY DECISSION maker regarding a passage. We can support you with our advice when (or when not) to leave and what is the best route to take. This support includes us supporting and calling you on sat-phone in case of a difficulty or problem. Example 1: Route Planning You are planning a route around the Island of Sardinia but you only have a week because you need to leave to boat or pick someone up on a certain date. We will assess your plans based on the weather forecast and the stops you plan to make. Also which marina's or bays we suggest to visit/anchor based on your preferences. Example 2: Ocean Passage Many sailors use Iridium Go for their Ocean Passage. Excellent device but it can only download weather forecast for a small area, due to data speed limitations. When we know when you leave, we will warn you through text on your Iridium in case, based on a bigger picture, weather changes may influence your passage. We can advise with our routing and weather interpretation to take a slightly different route.
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