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Our Solutions for Yacht Brokers

Logistic Support and Added Value for Yacht Brokers

Logistics Support

Quite often a yacht needs to be picked up to be delivered to the sales marina.
We can manage the entire supply chain from delivery on own keel or a combination of own keel delivery and road transport.

For the Mediterranean area, we have our teams in La Grande Motte (France) and Rome to commission yachts for road transport.


Adding Value to the Sales Process of Yacht Brokers

The sales process of a used yacht is the core business of Yacht Brokers..

The process can be quite time consuming, certainly when the interested customer is from abroad.

And of course the survey which is normally part of the purchase process and often serves as the base to determine the final price.

On top of that, the new owner may have questions about flag registration, transport or delivery, refits and upgrades.
This is the added value we can add by taking care of all the extra's after the purchase process.

Working in partnership with yacht brokers, adding extra value to the new owner will result in extra income for the broker and an increased customer satisfaction.


Transport and/or Delivery

Some larger broker companies have their own sales pontoon and ships on sales need to be brought to the sales marina.
When the new owner is from abroad, the boat needs to go to his/her new country and home port. 

We have our unique "fix cost" yacht delivery service throughout the EU and the UK.
When a road transport is needed, we manage the entire process from hauling, preparing and packing the boat, the transport and the re-commissioning of the ship at the final destination.

We have our teams in La Grande Motte in the South of France and Rome for the yachts in the Mediterranean and La Rochelle for the Atlantic Coast


The Survey and Price setting

The survey is always done by an independent surveyor. 
The surveyor has the task to report his observations and based on business ethics, he may normally not consult the seller nor the buyer.

It is a pure technical survey.
In most cases, defects which are found during the survey will be part of a negotiation process about the final price. Often the price is reduced with the value of the estimated corrections.


Here we come into the picture by making a good estimation about the costs and time needed to implement those corrections.


Upgrades and Refits

Our core business is to manage and implement upgrades and refits in collaboration with our partners in the different EU countries.

From cosmetic upgrades to full technical upgrades and installations.
From cost management to quality management, documentation, sea trials etc.


Your Profit and Benefits

Forwarding your client to our services proves you take care of them and you want the new owner to be happy with his purchase.

Because we know the market quite well and due to our commercial relationships with independent service yards and suppliers, our added value will normally result in a reduced final cost for the new owner. 
It will be a win/win situation for all parties.

Our Core Competences

Quality Management and Yachting Expertise

Our core competencies lies in the management and coordination of yacht commissioning projects according a well defined quality standard.
Based on our long term experience in the industry and the yachting world.

For our projects, we work together with well selected contractors and suppliers who work according our quality standards.

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