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Tech Support when upgrading your Yacht

Design and Project Management for electric and mechanical upgrades and yacht refits

Most new yacht owners just want to have a yacht delivered, lift the anchor and sail away. They do not want all the hassle dealing with all kind of technical problems. As a yacht is not a house, yacht owners will be in contact with technologies and equipment they have never seen or experienced before.

This is where comes into the picture. - we defend your interest. The interest of the owner. - we have a lot of experience dealing with refits and upgrades - we have an excellent knowledge of the suppliers and the market in the yachting world

- we are there to keep your budget under control

- we are there to propose the best equipment for the budget

- we offer our engineering capacity to ensure your new/extra equipment is safe and works as expected

- we offer our project management capacity to ensure the installation is done according what has been agreed upon.

Our owner support will in most cases result in a time and cost saving operation.

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