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Yacht Purchase Advice and Support

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Negotiate the right price and choose the equipment you need

Yacht Purchase Advice: the pitfalls you need to avoid
How to select your new yacht

Buying a new or used yacht is not like buying a car. It is like buying a house but only much more complex You buy a new or used yacht because you want your dream to become true. But between your decision to buy a new yacht and the delivery, a lot needs to be done: choosing your options, fabrics, engine configuration, power consumption, sails, rigging, flag registration etc. As more and more people with limited boating experience are buying yachts/catamarans, not an easy task to accomplish.

Regarding a used yacht, it is often not "what you see is what you get"

A used boat can have many hidden failures: structural, engines, electricity, rigging etc.

Correcting these failures can sometimes cost more than the value of the ship or what you have paid for.

New Fountaine Pajot Catamaran out of the factory
Catamaran just unloaded coming from the factory

This is where will bring the new owners a lot of added value

For New Yachts

- Choosing the right equipment from the option list dependent of your intended use of the vessel and your experience. - Help the owner decide which equipment to order from the factory and what to have installed afterwards. Options ordered from the factory are in most instances more expensive.

For Used Yachts - We assess the status of the yacht and advise the customer how to proceed indicating all elements which will need attention. - Buying a used yacht often gives you room for negotiation. In order to negotiate, you need to know the cost and impact for correcting the failures. And almost any used yacht has failures. has the reputation to negotiate in a fair but hard way to get the owner a yacht for the correct value - The surveyor comes at the end of the negotiation process. And will survey the yacht once the purchase agreement has been signed. will be involved before the purchase agreement is signed.

Once you have decided to buy your dream yacht, we will support you with a detailed plan what needs to be done between your purchase and the handover. A process which in almost any boat purchase project is time wise underestimated.

Our expertise will save you money and time giving a good guarantee the new owner will enjoy his new investment.

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