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Managing the Entire Process of Yacht Preparation
Putting your Yacht into Service
And More...

Our comprehensive service includes everything from extensive quality controls, transport, rigging, installation of options, and preparation for handover to the dealer or customer.
Including yacht and cat deliveries.
On top of that, training for new owners, ensuring a smooth transition and an enjoyable yachting experience.

Quality is our Niche wich sets us Apart from Competition

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It is all about Quality

A sailing- motor yacht or catamaran is a complex unit with a lot of modern technologies which you will not find in houses or on land. Everything on board is designed to operate not only on the water but also to withstand the harsh environment of the sea and weather conditions.
Yards are specialized in producing hulls and they fit all the equipment to complete the boat.
All that equipment is outsourced: from engines to masts, from electric equipment to navigation equipment.

It is obvious that matching all that equipment with the hull is a complex procedure and many things can go wrong.

Therefor, a new yacht should be fully checked and corrected where necessary before the vessel is ready to set sail and to guarantee a smooth sailing experience for the new owner.

This is the specialty of Yacht Commissioning with our extensive knowledge of contractors, systems, integrations and quality checks.

And most important: we are sailors ourself having sailed on all continents. We talk the language of boating people.

Preparing the Boat 

When the factory has finished the boat, it needs to be transported to the marina and the yacht needs to be rigged and finished.
It is like an IKEA kit which needs to be assembled.

Quite often, ex-factory upgrades need to be installed. From small safety equipment and sail wardrobe upgrade, to even more complex systems like generators, water makers etc. 

We work together with a selection of subcontractors to install those upgrades while we manage the quality and planning, keeping the budget under control

Quality Control

The Yachting Industry does not have an excellent reputation when it comes to quality and quality control.

Owners paying a lot of money expect a 5 STAR customer service and yacht finishing but reality is very different and often quite disappointing.

That is the reason a proper yacht commissioning is the key factor to ensure a smooth sailing or boating experience.

During the commissioning, we do not only finish the yacht but all systems and building specs are checked. Corrections needs to be taken care of by the yard or dealer before the hand over to the customer.

We are an independent player on the market with focus on quality. That is the reason more and more customers and yacht dealers hire our services to perform the yacht commissioning.

Deliveries and Transport

Transport and Deliveries

Own Keel Delivery - Monohull

Depending on the size, the condition of the yacht and the distance to deliver, yachts are sailed on their own keel to their new destination.

Cerainly when the distance is limited and almost not-new yachts are delivered on their own keel.

We deliver mono-hulls within Europe and the UK and Trans-Atlantic crossings.

We do not deliver monohulls on own keel smaller than 42' (12 meter)

Catamaran Deliveries

Through our own network of local skippers, we deliver sailing catamarans all over the world.

Certainly, now sailing catamarans become bigger with more complex systems on board, a specialist skipper and crew is necessary.
We continuously train, coach and follow up our skippers instructing them with best practices and how to deal with the systems on board

Road Transport

Most new monohulls up to 55' are transported by truck. 
Also smaller sailing vessels and most motoryachts.

For new yachts, we offer the complete service from factory pick-up to commissioning.

For used yachts, we offer the complete service from boat pick-up, sailing to the truck pick-up and re-rigging and launching of the yacht at the final destination.

Motoryacht Deliveries

Our specialist motor-yacht delivery captains deliver any motor yacht via coastal passages and op to 60 Nm out of the coast.

Most motoryachts up to 50' are delivered by road transport. 
For yachts with a width more than 5 meter, we deliver on own keel.

We will always make a best-buy calculation between road transport or delivery by sea.

Cargo Transport

Most Motor Yachts and Motor Cats are Transatlantic transported by special purpose cargo ships.

Also new monohulls for export outside Europe.
And many sailing vessels coming back from the Carib.

Our service consist in the offer for the delivery and the coordination between yacht pick-up and delivery to the cargo ship. There are specific rules to follow and must be according a narrow time window.

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Our Unique Holiday Delivery Service

Are you getting bored to sail always during your precious holidays along the same coast or familiar waters?
Do you want to explore and discover other sailing grounds?

Try our Holiday Delivery Service!

We sail your boat to your preferred exploration area.
We clean, prepare and provision your yacht.
Certainly interesting for owners living outside Schengen

You come on board and enjoy your precious holiday


Afterwards, we deliver your yacht back to your home port

About YC


- Independent - no links with any brand
- We support for Sail and Motor Yachts between 40 and 75 Feet

- For Mono-hulls & Catamarans
- 40 Years of experience in the Yachting World

- Nautical and Master in Engineering qualifications
- International Clients: From Australia to Scandinavia

- Multi Lingual Support: Dutch, French, English, German

- Extended reference list
- We deliver beyond customer expectations

We operate from our Base in Lisbon - Portugal and La Rochelle - France

Very often, our clients become lifetime friends and most of our new business is through "word of mouth"



Amazing to see our New Home arrive just as new after a difficult 3000 Nm winter passage from La Rochelle (France) to Fetihiye (Turkey)

Michael and Marita from Australia - New Fountaine Pajot 45

Whe never had any fear and felt very safe with our skipper Véronique during difficult weather conditions with up to 50 knts of wind and 10 meter waves

All Female Crew - Natalie and Gitte - during a Winter Delivery to the Med

Very happy with the delivery under difficult conditions with unforeseen technical failures

Family Finlayson - Scotland - SV Contest 47 from A Coruna (Spain) to Medemblik (Netherlands) 

Being novices, we had a No stress and very Effective Training on our New Catamaran and a Safe Passage across Biskay

Jill and Sheley - Australia - New Catamaran Fountaine Pajot 44

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