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Yachtcommissioning portfolio

What we Do

To provide a full service support to new or existing yacht owners from purchase advice to commissioning, training and delivery.
For Sail- and Motor Yachts from 12 to 25 meter in the Atlantic and Mediterranean area.
Our services will let you save money in the purchase of your new or used yacht.

What to expect?

When investing in a new or used yacht, you want to be convinced your purchase will meet your personal, present and future expectations.

Our long time technical and nautical experience will help you to make the right choices, to get what you paid for and to train or coach you in order to take full advantage of your sailing or motor yacht

How much does it cost?

Every purchase and yacht project is different. Based on your request, we will make you an offer based on your request, budget and expectations.
Our support will in most cases result in a cost neutral or savings situation.

Purch Sup Home

Yacht Purchase Advice

Budget Control
Purchasing a yacht is not only a serious investment, there are also maintenance and running costs which will be part of your yearly spending. 
Based on your yacht choice and sailing ground, we will give you a good insight about your total costs of ownership.

Choosing from the Option list

Buying a new yacht involves deciding about a list of options. We will guide you which options to choose from based on your future use, expectations and budget.

Non factory equipment
We have a good knowledge and database of non-factory suppliers who in general can do the job for less money and are more flexibel about the brands or equipment to choose from. 

Used yachts

Buying a used yacht is often a complex decision. 
We have a reputation to negotiate a correct price and to detect present and future quality or maintenance issues.
Our conclusions and support, together with the audit from the marine surveyor will give the owner a good insight in what he/she will buy.


We manage refit projects. We advise, follow up the work and do the budget control.

Y-Commissioning Home

Yacht Commissioning

New Yachts
A very important step in the purchase of the yacht is the commissioning of your new yacht.
There are sea trials to be done, a full system check on your equipment and accessories and a full check on hidden failures and hull structure. Not to forget electrical systems, engines and steering systems.

In contradiction what most people would expect, a new yacht can show many defects, sometime small, sometimes quite important. 
These failures and defects will need to be corrected before you sign off the acceptance form. Once you have left the marina or yard where you bought the yacht, it is often quite difficult to have a warranty support afterwards.

Used Yachts

Just like new yachts, the commissioning is the most important step in your yacht purchase.
Often, this is combined with the purchase negotiation.

The outcome will also be communicated with the marine surveyor who will check on structural issues, not on functional issue

Yacht Training

Get to know Your Ship
Every yacht is different regarding equipment, electric installation and engine configuration.

How do you deal with a generator, water maker, inverters, engine maintenance etc.
The yacht will come with manuals but it is up to you to read all about it.
Our large experience with many brands and techniques ensure you will have a steep learning curve in order for you to feel confident to manage and maintain your yacht. 


When you buy a new yacht, in most instances, there will be some training done by the sales organisation of your new yacht. Consider this as very basic and certainly not enough when you are a novice or less experienced skipper.
We are qualified RYA Yachtmaster Instructors dealing with an international customer base and with a lot of experience teaching couples and families.

Theory Courses
For many years, we have not only given many practical training but also theory training

- Day Skipper and Yachtmaster Training
- Diesel Engine Courses
- Electronic Navigation
- International Weather Systems

Depending on the wishes and knowledge of our customers, these theory courses can be part of the training program which is given on a small group or individual basis.

Our Method

We assess the knowledge, skills and experience of our customers first. Based on this outcome, we develop together with the customer a training program and time base.
We aim for quick wins so the customer knows his/her limits and is able to take the yacht out at sea in a confident way

Training Home
All female crew new Fountaine Pajot Catamaran delivery from La Rochelle to Turkey

Yacht Delivery

New Yacht Delivery
After the Commissioning, we deliver your new yacht with our own crew to the requested destination.
We are one of the only organisations in the market who can do a yacht delivery with an only-woman crew. Keeping your investment in a safe, clean and a new shape.
We deliver to and from any destination in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. 

Our skippers are fully qualified Masters 200 gt and our Watch Leaders have a minimum of Yachtmaster Coastal.

Used Yachts Delivery

Just like new yachts, we deliver your yacht in the same condition as it was before leaving.

Yacht Delivery with Owners

Next to our deliveries with our own crew, we also deliver yachts with the owner(s) on board.
Depending on the experience of the owner(s) additional crew wil be selected in order guarantee a safe passage.

Delivery - Home
Tech Support

Tech Support

New Yacht Purchase 
Many New yacht Owners often have limited technical knowledge about mechanical and electrical systems which are used on board. 
At the same time, owners expect often the same comfort level as living in a house.
Certainly when it comes to living on a catamaran or a larger yacht. 

This is the added value offers:
When a number of factory options like air condition, water maker, generator etc are not ordered up-front with the factory but are fitted afterwards, it will certainly result in a more cost effective and more customer oriented solution, but the technical part can become quite messy when it is not properly engineered and installed.

We engineer the entire system based on the expectations of the client indicating also what is realistic to realize in order to stay within budget and also based on the limitations every system has.

As experienced yachtsman/yachtswomen we know what it is to live on board. Experience we share with our customers.


Most of the projects we do are related to energy management like solar panels, generators, inverters etc.


Refitting Yachts
Depending on the project we offer tech support and engineering capacity for electro and mechanical installations

About YC - Home


- Independent - no links with any brand
- We support for Sail and Motor Yachts between 40 and 75 Feet

- For Mono-hulls & Catamarans
- 40 Years of experience in the Yachting World

- Nautical and Master in Engineering qualifications
- International Clients: From Australia to Scandinavia

- Multi Lingual Support: Dutch, French, English, German

- Extended reference list
- We deliver beyond customer expectations

We operate from our Base in Lisbon - Portugal and La Rochelle - France

Very often, our clients become lifetime friends and most of our new business is through "word of mouth"



Amazing to see our New Home arrive just as new after a difficult 3000 Nm winter passage from La Rochelle (France) to Fetihiye (Turkey)

Michael and Marita from Australia - New Fountaine Pajot 45

Whe never had any fear and felt very safe with our skipper Véronique during difficult weather conditions with up to 50 knts of wind and 10 meter waves

All Female Crew - Natalie and Gitte - during a Winter Delivery to the Med

Very happy with the delivery under difficult conditions with unforeseen technical failures

Family Finlayson - Scotland - SV Contest 47 from A Coruna (Spain) to Medemblik (Netherlands) 

Being novices, we had a No stress and very Effective Training on our New Catamaran and a Safe Passage across Biskay

Jill and Sheley - Australia - New Catamaran Fountaine Pajot 44

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