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Are you a Yacht Skipper?

Are You Interested to become member of our Delivery Skipper Network?

Do you Know People?


Do You want to Generate some Extra Income on Top of your Skipper Income?



Join our Network of Delivery Skippers
Get Commissions on Lead Generations

Working as a skipper on a sail- or motor yacht means often having a low income/hour, working many hours and taking huge responsibilities.
But it is the ocean, the freedom and boating community which makes live not so bad.
We try to maximize the income for the delivery skippers as we know from experience how hard and difficult sometimes the job can be.

And because you are dealing with many boat owners, you know people!


We are looking for qualified Delivery Skippers with an EU Passport.

NOW you can make some nice extra income when you provide us with leads of yacht owners in the EU or UK who like to sell or buy a ship.
Or Owners who want to Refit or Upgrade their boat.

And depending on a project, you can make several thousands of Euro's as an extra!

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