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Yacht Sales

On Special Occasions, we are listing here yachts for sale for owners or customers we know already for a long time or we have sailed our self.

We are not Yacht Brokers. We are Mediators.

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One Off 63' Fast Ocean Cruiser

If you are looking for a strong comfortable but at the same time fast Ocean Cruiser, this is the yacht you should put on your shortlist for long distance sailing.

Forget about a used Amel, Oyster, Hallberg-Rassy or Contest!

This is a unique yacht for the sailing connaisseur and blue water sailor.
With her Kevlar/Carbon Hull and Mast, launched in 1999, she is made to last for ages.


We speak from experience as we have sailed ourselves together with the owner on this yacht around Cape Horn.

She has been well maintained and after many miles, she still bites with confidence the waves.

It is a one-off construction which means she is very specific, but no costs have been saved during her production and lay-out.

She is listed at a correct price as the new owner would probably like to upgrade some equipment and/or would like to implement a complete refit.

As a matter of fact, this yacht is ideal for a refit and we can offer a complete refit program in cooperation with the new owner.

Red Max One Off 63' sailing yacht at anchor
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